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    Eldhose Elias shared to

    11 May 2017 11:28 am
    Happiness is serious business

    Take a moment and look back on your life. Was there a period when you have experienced happiness - the kind that lasted? I am not referring to the moments of euphoria which we all experience from time to time when we get a new job or a promotion, or when the girl/guy agrees to go out with you. I am speaking of a kind of peace, an extended state of bliss....

    FourthAmbit shared to

    07 Mar 2017 11:20 am
    Kerala StartupMission - Looking for Volunteers!

    FourthAmbit shared to

    03 Feb 2017 10:20 am
    H-1B Visa changes – A Potential Boon for MBA Applicants

    H-1B proposed Changes – Could be a Boon for MBA Applicants Over the last few days, a number of you helip;

    Sania Gupta shared to

    19 Dec 2016 1:39 pm
    We can all relate to the common mistakes. Spread and share so that our next generations becomes more aware of career challenges and plans better....

    Jacob shared to

    13 Dec 2016 6:58 pm
    Check out this hybrid between a traditional resume and a personal website with a drag-and-drop editor.

    Build an impressive resume in 10 minutes.Download PDF for free.

    Sania Gupta shared to

    02 Dec 2016 2:22 pm
    This post covers the inspiration story of an Educationist, the Bestselling Author, and a Woman Entrepreneur !!

    Our #BloggingAnecdotes campaign brings to you, yet, another story of a woman influencer.This is the story of Dr.Swati Lodha, a name that reckons with success, fame, and women empowerment.She seems lar...

    Editor shared to

    30 Nov 2016 3:50 pm
    India Origin CEO's helm some of the biggest companies in the world. Who's your favourite? Click here to vote: https://goo.gl/HuPABU

    Editor shared to

    28 Nov 2016 10:31 am
    Win a Sqore Award and get help to land 2 interviews with the companies of your choice.
    Take this opportunity to become the most employable person in India! Click here for details: https://goo.gl/70D8vS

    Editor shared to

    23 Nov 2016 6:34 pm

    by Sania Gupta

    Blogging, as I have said before, seems to be wakhra swag for most of us. Either we don’t understand what Blogging is or we merely take it as a futile

    Editor shared to

    21 Nov 2016 12:27 pm
    "I love working at Flipkart! The best part of my job is that I get to see the outcome of my work right before my eyes." Read Kavita Viswanath's experience of working as a Senior Strategist in the Flipkart Ads Group:

    Editor shared to

    18 Nov 2016 2:33 pm

    Win a Scholarship to KTH, Sweden

    Indian students who are passionate about Electric Power Engineering, Engineering Design or Information and Network Engineering, academically-driven, and

    Rajaram Bhaskaran shared to

    17 Nov 2016 6:13 pm
    Changing careers is not as hard as most people believe it to be

    The question is; does regular job-hopping damage your chances of making it to the top of your profession or industry? Apparently not, as some of the most successful people in business started out on a...

    Mohammed Ashiq K shared to

    17 Nov 2016 6:13 pm
    NAMMA BANGALORE To Host World Startup Expo In November