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To address the concern of the growing educated-unemployment rates of the State, the SSDP or State Skill Development Project was enacted, in the year 2012. This was following the realization that Kerala has the human resource and the potential to soar up to become a radial point for skilled manpower to the world by virtue of its demographic dividend. SSDP involves the participation of industries and training partners to execute the project tactically branched into two, ASAP (Additional Skill Acquisition Programme) and ASEP (Additional Skills Enhancement Programme). ASAP, under the General and Higher Education Departments, works on the preventive side by training Higher Secondary and Graduate students, offering skill courses to students in need of immediate employment. ASEP, under the Department of Labour, on the curative side offers enhancement training to educated unemployed youth. Funded by ADB, ASAP has now spread out into 1052 educational institutions across the state, offering 83 courses from 24 sectors, and is expanding skill training services to all age groups through the innovative idea of Community Skill Parks.


The fast evolving world of technology is dominating work places like never before. Fourth generation industry is already here and is placing heavy demand upon the education system. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Block Chains, Virtual Reality and Cloud based computing have already become a norm in the industry rather than an exception. There is an urgent need for the technical education system to prepare its graduates for the future industry that demand new skill sets and competencies.

ASAP has started an initiative to cover the skill gap of engineering graduates through Advanced Skill Development Center. ASDC acquaints the students with various futuristic skill courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Data analytics etc. Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that would require human intelligence. Machine learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence that gives machines the ability to learn and improve without the help of humans or new programming.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning (AIM) is an emerging area of great interest nowadays. This gives rise to an open opportunity for the engineering students, graduates and working professionals of Kerala. It may be achieved by providing AI & ML specific courses to them. ASAP, in collaboration with IIT Madras, IIT Palakkad and College of Engineering Trivandrum developed the curriculum for AI & ML course. The certification for the course will be provided by IIT Madras.


The Community Skill Parks (CSP) are the flagship initiative under Additional Skill Acquisition Programme by Govt. of Kerala. The aim of this project is to set up international level multiskilling center to empower the people of state as well as strengthen the community to secure better livelihood which lead to a stronger economy. Sixteen Community Skill Parks are planned all over the Kerala in two phases. Nine Community Skill Parks are in first phase and seven are in second phase. All CSPs are operating in PPP Model through a concession agreement.


One of the key driving forces of the economic development of any country is the availability of skilled manpower. In order to address this unique problem, State Government launched State Skill Development project in 2012 with twin objectives i.e. enhancing the employability of students studying in schools and Colleges and Upskilling of job seekers available in the job market. The current education system leaves a big skill gap irrespective of the different streams of courses delivered at the educational institutions. The most powerful way to acquire skill is through the way of learning by practicing. No other mechanism other than Internship at a workplace provides better opportunity to implement this pedagogy of learning by doing. However, arranging internship to a large number of students and identifying talented mentors in the workplace emerges as one of the biggest hurdles in creating an industry led-skill ecosystem in the state.

The government of Kerala intends to resolve the problem through an Institutional Platform –State Internship Portal. ASAP being the pioneer in Skill development in Kerala, intends to create a state-level platform to offer Internship to any candidate between the age group of 14-25 with the active involvement of Industries, Educational Institutions, Skill Training Providers and Government Departments and agencies.


The State Initiative on Internship for Employability Enhancement project aims to address following objectives

  1. To Create a network of Industries who can provide Internship across the state
  2. To Develop a large pools Professional Mentors in Industries across the state
  3. To create a network of Interns across the state
  4. To Develop a Large Pool of employable job seekers across Industries
  5. To create a common Technology Platform in which all stakeholders can be brought in.
  6. To develop Internship Standards for various Job Roles
  7. To develop standards for Industries and Categories Industries based on the standards
  8. To Promote Internship Culture among students
  9. To provide a complete career management support through aptitude analysis, career mapping, career counselling etc.
  10. To encourage entrepreneurial ventures among youth

The State internship initiative will be having a structured framework which is measurable and includes valid evaluation process.


  • The major stake holders will be the Government, Industry, Academia and the students.
  • The internship portal is an online web platform designed in such a way that all the stake holders will meet at the same point.
  • Initial focus would be on graduates who pursue their engineering courses.