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    Sara Raphael shared to

    07 Aug 2017 14:21 pm
    Kids attempt to create Guinness World Record

    Students from various schools of Warangal on Saturday made an attempt of entering the Guinness Book of World Records by creating human image of a car.More than 3000 students participated in the event.

    Shruz Swaminathan shared to

    04 Aug 2017 17:57 pm
    India's unsung heroes: This teen-wonder from TN made world's lightest satellite

    Eighteen-year old Mohammed Rifath Shaarook, who hails Tamil Nadu, led a team of six to build nano satellite Kalam Sat.

    julie saji shared to

    03 Aug 2017 12:51 pm
    All India CBSE Topper Raksha Gopal Is A Girl Of Many Talents

    Gopal scored an eye-popping 99.6 per cent

    Sethu Parvathy shared to

    02 Aug 2017 13:02 pm
    Hues of culture and tradition on canvas

    Schoolchildren in the 11-16 age group put up their paintings on display at Students Group Art Exhibition

    manoj monster shared to

    01 Aug 2017 18:22 pm

    LIBIN CHACKO shared to

    01 Aug 2017 14:19 pm
    Man develops 70-year-old film from second-hand camera

    Taraa Vijaya shared to

    31 Jul 2017 18:20 pm
    3-year-old drums like a pro

    3-year-old drums like a pro
    3-year-old Anshuman Nandi first picked up drumsticks when he was all of nine months.You would think that his talent and expertise can outsmart a pro.

    Shruz Swaminathan shared to

    31 Jul 2017 17:42 pm
    Amazing Talent

    amazing Indian talent

    Taraa Vijaya shared to

    28 Jul 2017 18:05 pm
    Meet Sachin Sanghe, boy wonder who shocked Amitabh Bachchan himself; find out how

    Everyone is born with a special talent.Sometimes people are able to recognize hidden talent and sometimes they die searching for it.

    Athira Thomas shared to

    28 Jul 2017 18:04 pm
    Artist transforms his house into Peter Pan's Neverland

    Sreepriya CV shared to

    28 Jul 2017 15:11 pm
    Transform a boring table into an amazing photo collage

    Athira Lal shared to

    27 Jul 2017 16:27 pm
    Upcycle your plastic bags into all sorts of amazing things

    Taraa Vijaya shared to

    27 Jul 2017 16:27 pm

    CHRISTEENA BABU shared to

    26 Jul 2017 15:46 pm
    The self-sufficient house: Couple realize their dream of independence

    Minnu Ann John shared to

    26 Jul 2017 15:45 pm
    ‘Encourage children to hone hidden talents’

    Instead of identifying the hidden talents in their children and trying to develop them, most parents force them to concentrate only on studies and getting a good job, Deputy Commissioner Srirangaiah s