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    Gopikrishnan P shared to

    09 Nov 2017 5:58 pm
    One of Putin’s biggest fans and a prominent businessman in the agriculture industry, Stefan Dürr has built a farming empire in Russia.

    Putin's farmer - agriculture and business in Russia | DW Documentary
    One of Putin’s biggest fans and a prominent businessman in the agriculture industy, Stefan Dürr has built a farming empire in Russia.Dürr emigrated from Ger...

    FourthAmbit shared to

    08 Nov 2017 6:52 pm
    Terry Tao currently among the world's top #mathematicians

    The World's Best Mathematician (*) - Numberphile
    (*) Among current mathematicians, many people regard Professor Tao as the world's finest...Opinions on such things vary, of course.Professor Tao kindly fie...

    FourthAmbit shared to

    08 Nov 2017 6:47 pm
    Japan's strict education system with no failing grades, You will be surprised!

    Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Japanese Schools
    Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Japanese Schools Uniforms Students have summer and winter uniforms, and this includes everything down to their shoes.Whi...

    Let Alex Schultz tell you if you are growing as a business.

    Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook, shares with us how to get users, how to grow, and how to measure growth.

    Tips on how to accelerate your business growth

    Is your Business strategy and plan based on Your plan, or does it co-exist with that of your competitor?

    Patrick David, speaks on a range of business, leadership and entrepreneurial topics including how and why to become an entrepreneur and the importance of learning how to fully process issues.

    Practicing productive use of your business hours.

    Leadership Hacks for Engineering Students- Prof. Edward Crawly

    An 8 min watch to organize your student life and start early on the path to a successful leader, business person, engineer or entrepreneur!

    10 Real Tips for Success for Engineering Students-Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Evaluate your Investments better; in start ups and the stock market

    In this interview, Mark discusses his early life in business and advice he has for those looking to start their own business. Mark also talks about how he finds and evaluates investments in startups and the stock market.
    Mark Cuban a billionaire investor and entrepreneur keeps it simple

    Saritha Revi P shared to

    11 Sep 2017 6:44 pm
    The 1 Word to Delete from Your Vocabulary if You Want to Succeed

    Most of the time you're not even aware you're saying it.But using it often will ruin your reputation.

    malini appi shared to

    06 Sep 2017 6:44 pm

    Read these Top 5 Tips to Avoid Failure in Startups Business.Ups and down are always there with any business your hard work is needed to make it large.

    Sneha Ranjan shared to

    07 Aug 2017 2:21 pm
    How was your day today?
    What about yesterday?
    Meredith Willson said it best: “You pile up enough tomorrows, and you’ll find you’ve collected a lot of empty yesterdays.” There is no tomorrow to remember if we

    “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” — Mahatma Gandhi

    Minnu Ann John shared to

    03 Aug 2017 12:51 pm
    Career Success Requires Parallel Paths

    Ford Myers, Award-Winning Career Expert Philadelphia shares helpful articles for finding the job you love in today's job market.

    Marykutty Varghese shared to

    31 Jul 2017 5:42 pm
    What is Hurting your Success?

    There could be many reasons that are hurting your career even may be without you realizing them.You cove to your work every day and do what is expected out of you.Sometimes you also go beyond your rou...

    Tina Ann Deepak shared to

    24 Jul 2017 12:46 pm
    Conduct a More Effective Job Search by Creating a Five-Step Plan for Success

    Finding work that you love, that also meets your financial needs, doesn't happen by accident.It requires a well-thought plan of action and an intense level of commitment. So what can you do to get no...

    Bjorn Marcel Durom shared to

    21 Jul 2017 1:10 pm

    Sneha Ranjan shared to

    18 Jul 2017 11:23 am
    How ‘Critical User Journeys’ can help a product take off. Early startups should start simple and make sure they know the optimal journey they want their product to fulfill for the user. If you know exactly what actions and steps

    How ‘Critical User Journeys’ can help a product take off