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    Shoney Praveen shared to

    20 Jul 2017 18:59 pm
    Lack of teacher training leads to poor pedagogy, say experts

    Lack of teacher training has led to poor teaching methodologies in schools across the country, said experts at an international workshop on 'creative pedagogy and new educational strategies' held in t...

    Shruz Swaminathan shared to

    20 Jul 2017 17:34 pm
    NCERT chalks out strategy to test schoolkids with special needs

    NCERT chalks out strategy to test schoolkids with special needs - The Council’s document instructs teachers on how to test students and what to expect out of them

    basil raj shared to

    20 Jul 2017 16:58 pm
    Lack of funding, poor infrastructure hit higher education in Northeast

    A dearth of investments, poor infrastructure and lopsided planning affect higher education in the Northeast.

    Ananthu Muralidharan shared to

    20 Jul 2017 16:58 pm
    Transforming School Education Practices Through Innovation

    jaganath kanakkassery shared to

    20 Jul 2017 14:26 pm
    Does indian education offer any quality?

    I am formally educated in India.So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India.Let me tell you, Indian education is over hyped.

    Shyma Salam shared to

    20 Jul 2017 14:26 pm
    Lack of quality faculty affecting higher education

    Lack of quality teachers has been hampering the overall quality of higher education in the country, said Sukhdeo Thorat, chairman of University Grant Commission (UGC) on Friday while delivering Kale M

    Eldho George shared to

    19 Jul 2017 18:55 pm
    Big changes are coming to education, and some developed nations could get left behind

    Sreepriya CV shared to

    19 Jul 2017 18:09 pm
    Sorry state of technical education today

    Here is a wake-up call for engineering education in India.

    Greeshma R shared to

    19 Jul 2017 18:08 pm
    For Schools in Rural India, the Appropriate Language of Instruction Remains a Conundrum

    The challenges faced by English medium students in rural areas go way beyond the quality of teachers.

    basil raj shared to

    19 Jul 2017 17:21 pm
    The Indian University System Is Imploding And We All Stand To Get Hurt

    Let’s be true patriots and do something about it.

    Shelin noushad ali shared to

    19 Jul 2017 14:34 pm
    The only way to save government schools is to improve them

    Governments would also need to go out and sell their schools to parents.That would mean a radical change in governments’ traditional take it or leave it attitude to the...

    CHRISTEENA BABU shared to

    19 Jul 2017 14:34 pm
    Ten Trends in Girls’ Education

    To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to inclusive education and gender equality, we need to examine how girls’ education has changed since 2015.

    Bjorn Marcel Durom shared to

    18 Jul 2017 17:47 pm
    Govt school teachers in India a motivated lot, absence from class exaggerated, says study

    The popular narrative around government schools is that its teachers miss classes with alarming frequency .But a recent study conducted by the not-for-profit Azim Premji Foundation has found that teac...

    Sara Raphael shared to

    18 Jul 2017 15:21 pm
    Primary education: Only 55% of Uttar Pradesh students attended school in 2014, says report

    A fourth of Uttar Pradesh’s (UP’s) 200 million people are aged between five and 14 years – India’s largest child population – but the state has the fewest teachers per student, the poorest t...

    jaganath kanakkassery shared to

    18 Jul 2017 15:20 pm
    The 3 Biggest Reasons that India’s Girls Drop Out of School

    “Our Constitution fathers did not intend that we just set up hovels, put students there, give untrained teachers, give them bad textbooks, no playgrounds, and say, we have complied with Article ...